The Wolf's Den

Welcome to our den. This is a site for two individuals sharing a body, named Soul and Soappary. We are animal-identified individuals who call this place home. Stick around as we learn to code and fill this site with our favorite things.

Update: Managed to make the site somehow more mobile-friendly than browser friendly, lmao. We've come so far.

New update: Got this thing (whatever you call the box this text is on) so we can finally make semi-decent updates here 😈

Update 12/17/23: been continuously working on this site, including adding a sidebar, header, and more.

12/20/23: Oh no, is it getting to be that time of the month again? Must... resist.. urge... to... place... wolf... pics... everwhere...

But seriously, as the moon approaches expect us to be a little more wolf-obsessed here lol